Advanced and effective Sub-Z Electric Cryo Technology helps to minimize discomfort and pain during an array of aesthetic procedures. Common Sub-Z compatible procedures include injectables, laser treatments, and microneedling. When you add Sub-Z technology to your treatment, other potential side effects such as inflammation, thermal injuries, and bruising, may also be diminished.

So which occasions can be improved by the addition of this innovative cold therapy technology? That is precisely what we are here to talk about in this helpful guide. If you would like to schedule services or learn more from one of our team members, we encourage you to contact the experienced specialists at Beauty Refined in Greenwood Village, Colorado today. Our team can answer questions, help you book appointments, schedule cosmetic consultations, and more.

Why Use Cold Therapy?

At our top-rated beauty center, your comfort is always at the pinnacle of importance to our team. For this reason, we recommend cold therapy like Sub-Z cooling before and after certain treatment sessions. This electric cooling technology can help you feel at ease with less pain.

Sub-Z cold therapy can provide several advantages:

  • When correctly implemented in conjunction with treatments like injectables, micro-needling, tattoo removal, and extractions, you can enhance the effectiveness of your results while also reducing pain.
  • Cold therapy can be customized precisely for various treatments to complement procedure results.

Sub-Z Electric Cryo Cold Therapy Can Also:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Decrease pain and discomfort
  • Produce analgesic benefits
  • Diminish bruising or other possible side effects
  • Help prevent thermal injuries
  • Complement various treatments

1. Use Sub-Z for Derma Fillers and Injectables

Injectables like Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox, can work wonders for your visage. The same is true for dermal fillers which often produce long-lasting results and can be used to make your face look fuller, younger, and more radiant. Using cold therapy technology to diminish pain during these injectable treatments can be a fantastic option for some people. After all, not everyone responds to the pinch of a needle with ease. Why not make your experience less stressful and more comfortable all the way around?

On that note, treatments like Kybella, which can be very effective in helping you achieve a chiseled chin, also work well with Sub-Z. Since Kybella is administered via a series of injections as well, cold therapy can make the entire process more relaxing and comfortable. Also, Sub-Z helps with bruising, which is an issue caused by injectables for certain people. If you bruise easily, you should really consider adding Sub-Z cooling to multiple injection sessions.

2. Reduce Pain During Microneedling/Microinjection Sessions

Microneedling and microinjection treatments can be very effective at reducing acne scars, pores, and more. Often, these treatments are paired with customized serums to help treat your skin and enhance your facial aesthetic. When paired with Sub-Z cold therapy, these treatments are more comfortable and effective. Since inflammation is often reduced, you may be able to notice results faster as well.

3. Allow Sub-Z to Decrease Pain in Tattoo Removal Sessions

Chrome Laser Tattoo removal sessions are great for so many people. This type of laser tattoo removal makes it possible to remove body ink quickly and effectively. However, the process can be a bit uncomfortable for some individuals. This is especially true if your tattoo happens to be placed in a particularly sensitive area with lots of nerves nearby. You can add Sub-Z electric cold therapy to your tattoo removal session to make the process more comfortable.

4. Implement Cold Therapy for Chrome Refresh and Décolletage Laser Treatments

Other laser treatments can also be combined with Sub-Z. In fact, Sub-Z cooling is included automatically with advanced Chrome Laser Décolleté therapy since the area treated includes the face, neck, and chest. By cooling the skin precisely when and where Sub-Z is needed, each stage of your laser procedure will be more comfortable. Best of all, results are more noticeable right away due to the reduction of inflammation and swelling.

5. Add Sub-Z Cold Therapy to Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Laser hair removal treatments are a fantastic way to save time and improve your look. Cold therapy technology lets you access all of the benefits of laser hair removal therapy without the pain. Although laser treatments are generally considered painless, topical skin-numbing medications are often applied before your procedure. If you are particularly sensitive or have sensitive skin, Sub-Z cryotherapy is a fantastic add-on.

Other Instances Wherein Sub-Z Can Be Added

You can add this type of cold therapy to any of our treatments.

Preferred temperature ranges can be dialed in fast and exactly to accentuate a range of aesthetic treatments. Using Sub-Z to minimize pain and discomfort during aesthetic injectable and laser treatments can effectively reduce potential side effects like bruising, inflammation, and thermal wear. If you are interested in adding this technology to your next treatment, simply let one of our representatives know.

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Here at Beauty refined in Greenwood Village Colorado, we are pleased to offer an array of advanced treatments for clients who want to improve their youthful glow with minimal discomfort.

We offer numerous anti-aging remedies available from highly trained technicians, including Chrome Refresh and Décolletage, Injectables, Vivace RF Microneedling, Facials, Peels, and more. Sub-Z can reduce pain before, during, and after any of these treatments. Plus, it works effectively regardless of an individual’s skin type, age, or cosmetic goals.

If you aren’t sure whether this cold therapy technology is right for your needs, you can always schedule a pre-treatment consultation session at Beauty Refined. Put your freshest face forward with beauty therapies from our specialists by booking your appointment online or calling (303) 957-8200!