With our Sub-Z electric cryo technology we are able to minimize pain and discomfort during your aesthetic injectable and/or laser treatments. Combining the Sub-Z with your treatments also can reduce other side potential side effects such as bruising, inflammation, and thermal injury.

Cold Therapy

Sub-Z can be utilized for both pre- and post-aesthetic treatments and provides several advantages. When used in conjunction with injectables and laser procedures, Sub-Z offers analgesic benefits and may reduce potential side effects like bruising, inflammation and thermal injury.

Desired temperature levels can be dialed-in quickly and precisely to complement a range of aesthetic treatments.

Add Sub-Z technology to your treatment:

  • Extractions
  • Injectables
  • Vivace RF Microneedling
  • Chrome Refresh and Decolletage
  • Chrome Tattoo removal

Treatment Pricing:


Add on to any service