What aesthetic treatments are available for brows and lashes? As every beauty expert knows, the brows and lashes define the face. There are many reasons to seek aesthetic treatments for shaping, beautifying, and defining the brow and lash areas. At Beauty Refined in Greenwood Village, Colorado, we offer a variety of lash and brow treatments designed to help you enjoy stronger definition in the eye area with less effort.

The benefits of lash and brow treatments include:

  • A lifted look around the eyes and foreheads
  • An alert, positive expression
  • Defined, shaped brows without the need to apply brow liners or powders
  • Thick, defined lashes without the need for mascara

There are many different ways to use the brows and lashes to define the face. When you visit Beauty Refined for your consultation, our talented team of licensed, trained experts will help you to discover options that work for your aesthetic goals. Many brow and lash treatments offer long-lasting results that require minimal maintenance. Next, take a look at commonly requested brow and lash treatments in Denver, Colorado.

Eyelash Lifting

Eyelash lifting creates long, curved natural eyelashes without the need for extensions. For people who are unhappy with thin, limp lashes, this treatment can produce what many clients refer to as life-changing results. The technology behind eyelash lifting is similar to the concept of using a permanent wave to create curly, thick hair. A chemical treatment is used to get eyelashes to lift upward with a strongly defined curl. The results mean that there’s no need to spend time applying mascara in the morning. However, mascara can be used when desiring a more dramatic effect. Eyelash lifting is a painless procedure with results that can last several months. It is suitable for all eyelash types.

Lash Lift$95

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is a procedure that creates a “mascara” effect without the need to apply mascara daily. During the tinting process, a semi-permanent dye is applied to the lashes. Both the top and bottom lashes can be safely dyed. It takes about 10 minutes for the dye to absorb into lashes after application. Eyelash tinting can be combined with eyelash lifting for a glamorous look. Lash tinting results typically last for a month.

Lash Lift + Tint$115

Brow Lifting

Brow lifting is a semi-permanent, nonsurgical way to achieve fuller, more expressive brows. This can be a great treatment if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your sparse brows because it fills in brows. For many people, brow lifting is a great replacement for the hassles of filling in brows daily using pencils and gels. In addition, brow lifting goes beyond anything gels and pencils can do because it actually lifts brows to define your arch for a bright, alert expression.

During a lifting procedure, the eyebrows are cleaned before being combed using a water-soluble adhesive that forms them into an aesthetically ideal position. Next, several enriching solutions are applied to help fill in brows. Clients can also choose to opt for brow tinting that will enhance the effects of this treatment. Finally, the brows are cleaned once treatment is done. The process of getting an eyebrow lift is completely painless. While your specific results will vary based on your hair’s structure and growth cycle, the lifting effect created by a brow lift typically lasts for one to two months. Clients enjoy expressive, neat eyebrow shapes that don’t require any special tools or makeup application to be maintained.

Laser Eyebrow Treatments

Brow maintenance can be a time-consuming, painful process if you’re attempting to tame stray eyebrow hairs on your own. A connecting eyebrow with constant growth in the glabella area directly between the eyebrows is one of the most common brow frustrations. At Beauty Refined in Greenwood Village, we offer laser hair removal treatments for hairs located between the eyebrows. In addition to providing standalone glabella treatments, we also offer packages that allow you to combine eyebrow laser hair removal with facial laser hair removal for a smooth, clean look that doesn’t require extensive at-home maintenance. While laser eyebrow treatments can usually guarantee results for lighter, finer hair with slow regrowth, many clients actually enjoy permanent hair removal between the eyebrows that means they can toss away their tweezers and waxing tools forever!

Brow Treatments & Services:

Brow + Lip + Chin Wax$55

Brow + Lip Wax$45

Brow Lamination$95

Brow Lamination + Tint$155

Brow Shape + Wax$37

Brow Shape + Wax + Tint$55

Beauty Refined is proud to offer a full roster of brow and lash treatments near Denver to help you enjoy a fresh, wide-eyed look that can be achieved without the use of cosmetics. While both brow and lash treatments can be enhanced with the use of makeup, the benefit to seeking semi-permanent lash and brow treatments is that you can rush out of the house in the morning without the need to spend time putting on mascara, brow gel, brow liner, and other time-consuming products just to be able to enjoy definition in the eye area.

When seeking safe lash and eyebrow treatments, it’s essential to always work with trained, licensed professionals. Beauty Refined offers a hygienic setting where treatments are administered by licensed aestheticians. In addition to providing lash and brow treatments, our Denver-area clinic also provides a wide range of aesthetic treatments designed to help you enjoy smooth, healthy skin. We can also help you to address specific skin imperfections and concerns. Book a consultation with Beauty Refined today!