Semaglutide-assisted Medical Weight Loss Program

Our wellness program was developed by our experienced Nurse Practitioners, Annette Wychgram NP-C & Madeline McGee, NP-C.

Our Medical Weight Loss Program offered at Beauty Refined utilizes an injectable treatment that is given once weekly with a little tiny shot. At our clinic we start everyone interested in our Medical Weight Loss Program with a weight loss consultation to help customize your program and help you achieve successful weight loss and goals! Most patients that stick to our regimen have been able to lose 15-20% of their starting body weight in as little as 6 – 12 months.

Medical Weight Loss Program

Our Beauty Refined Medical Weight Loss Program encourages the development of healthy lifestyle changes in nutrition and moderate exercise that can be sustained for an improved overall health and well-being.

To qualify for participating in the Beauty Refined Medical Weight Loss Program the following steps will be taken:

Book a Wellness Consultation (45 mins) During this appointment we will provide a thorough consultation about weight goals, nutrition, and exercise. We will weigh and calculate your BMR and give you an understanding of how the program works.

We will evaluate recent blood work if taken from your primary care provider. If any necessary labs have not recently been drawn orders for labs will be submitted to labcorp to be completed to determine your overall health in qualifying for our weight loss program. Prior to having your labs drawn please fast (do not eat anything; drink only water for 8 hours) before your blood draw.

Once we have received your recent lab results we will assess your Health Biomarkers – we will provide you with a full report of your recorded biomarkers and help educate you about their levels and meaning.

Assuming all is clear We can begin the your weight loss and health journey. Contraindications for our Medical Weight Loss program with Semaglutide include history of Thyroid cancer or MEN-II Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia among other things.

Achieve your Weight Loss Goals – Most guest clients on the Medical Weight Loss program can expect to lose a noticeable amount of weight loss beginning in just 4-6 weeks. The program duration is dependent upon your weight loss goals and your starting weight. Once you reach your ideal weight, in 6 months for example, then you are free to stop or tier-down the medication as recommended. However, Semaglutide (the medicine which was originally developed for treating Type II diabetes, is understood to be safe for long-term use).

Medical Weight Loss Program Pricing

Beauty Refined does not accept insurance pay for the Medical Weight Loss program treatments (and most insurance plans do not cover weight loss treatments without other health issues). All treatments and medication shall be paid for in advance.

As with all of our service and treatments at Beauty Refined, you have an option to purchase services stand-alone or the best pricing for the plan is with our Monthly Membership Program. With this program you are able to purchase all Semaglutide Injections at a discounted rate.

21 day Metabolic Detox

Includes all supplements, optional program to start. Determined and discussed at your initial consultation.

Semaglutide + BPC- 157 + LIPO Mic Weekly Injections

Price per ea.

Monthly Members receive Semaglutide + BPC-157 + LIPO Mic weekly injections

Price per ea.

Medical Weight Loss Program

Wellness labs for weight loss and periodic follow-up labs ongoing are required to participate in the Medical Weight Loss Program. If you qualify for this treatment, the program can be paid for with cash or credit. Two financing options are also available: Care Credit purchases as well as Cherry Payment Plans for 6 mos packages.
$3000/24 week package