Vivace microneedling is an extraordinary treatment for facial, neck, and body contouring and tightening. Vivace utilizes a combination of radio frequency and microneedling to heat the epidermis below targeted areas for extraordinary results with minimal downtime.

People throughout the Denver area are visiting Beauty Refined for Vivace microneedling treatments to:

  • Alleviate wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tighten skin
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring
  • Reduce pore size
  • Improve skin texture
  • Improve skin tone

If you’re looking for a way to approve the appearance of your skin, it may be time to explore the benefits of gentle, noninvasive Vivace microneedling. Take a look at common questions about Vivace!

What Is Vivace Microneedling?

Vivace microneedling is a treatment that uses a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared device called the Vivace® Microneedle RF device that contains 36 gold-plated needles. This minimally invasive treatment works by stimulating your skin’s natural collagen production to create smoother, younger, and fresher skin without fillers or injections.

Collagen is what’s responsible for giving skin a firm, supple appearance. While collagen keeps our skin thick, fresh, and glowing in your youth, natural production slows down with age. However, it is possible to activate collagen production by stimulating the skin’s regenerative powers using small micro-injuries caused by a microneedling device.

As a result, the skin’s wound-healing properties are activated to speed up cellular activity and blood flow for collagen and elastin production. Vivace microneedling goes above and beyond what other microneedling techniques are capable of because it uses radio frequency heat that penetrates skin’s surface to produce rapid healing.

Treatment Pricing

90 minute service, includes post treatment care kit. Ask us about package pricing!

Face Only$750/Treatment

Face + Neck$850/Treatment

Face + Neck + Décolleté$950/Treatment

Vivace RF + CoolPeel Combo$1200/Treatment

Face Only

Vivace RF + CoolPeel Combo$1500/Treatment

Face + Neck + Décolleté

Beauty Refined is proud to be a premier provider of Vivace microneedling treatments in the Denver area. Our state-of-the-art clinic provides a comfortable, relaxing, and hygienic setting for receiving this collagen-boosting treatment that helps many people to avoid more invasive treatments. Let our trained, certified team help you decide if Vivace microneedling is an ideal treatment for helping you to get firmer, smoother, and more radiant skin using a noninvasive procedure. Contact Beauty Refined today for a Vivace microneedling appointment in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, a consultation will help you to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for Vivace microneedling. Generally, anyone in good health who desires a noninvasive, nonsurgical option for improving the appearance and firmness of skin is considered to be an ideal candidate. You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss other potential treatments that can help to maximize the results of your Vivace treatment during your consultation. Boost serums that help skin to heal faster by providing enriched hydration can be used to create enhanced results with increased comfort. In addition, soothing masks that can be applied at the end of the procedure provide peptide-induced cooling that can soothe the skin, increase comfort, and help to reduce any redness triggered by the microneedling procedure.

During a Vivace appointment, the skin is numbed using topical anesthetic to enhance your comfort. While clients generally find Vivace microneedling to be a comfortable, pain-free experience, you may feel some light pressure that simply lets you know that the device is doing its job. A typical Vivace treatment takes between 25 and 60 minutes. Vivace does not typically produce side effects. However, slight redness, swelling, and dryness are common following treatments. Many clients say that they feel like they have mild sunburn that fades fairly quickly following a session. It’s recommended that you provide yourself with a “recovery window” that allows you to avoid having to show up in public immediately after your Vivace appointment. However, Vivace’s use of radiofrequency technology for rapid healings means that this treatment typically produces less redness and irritation when compared to traditional microneedling treatments.

You’ll notice immediate results after a Vivace treatment. The “fresh face” that most clients notice immediately following treatment is due to the increase in blood flow to the face that is caused by stimulation from the Vivace device. While these results can be impressive, they only represent the tip of the iceberg as far as the skin improvement that’s possible with Vivace. As the weeks go on, the increase in the body’s natural collagen and elastin levels will create firmer, tighter, and smoother skin with renewed radiance. It’s common for results to reach their “full potential” at around the three-month mark.

Results can last anywhere from six months to several years. The duration of your Vivace results can vary based on skin elasticity, lifestyle, genetics, and your skincare routine. Following your treatment, we’ll provide you with recommendations for how to extend your results for as long as possible. While there is no downtime required for Vivace, you will be given recommendations for how to treat your skin during the healing process for optimal results. It will be important to avoid direct sun exposure for several days following your procedure.

Generally, Vivace microneedling produces the best results when several sessions are booked during a span of several weeks. A plan that involves three to four treatments during a six-week period typically provides the best results. However, you’ll have an opportunity to speak with the Beauty Refined team about your specific aesthetic objectives when determining the right schedule for your treatments.