Trimming, tweezing, extending, and tinting is options available to enhance your lashes and brows. While these services seem easy enough to do yourself, entrusting a professional is the best way to ensure flattering, long-lasting results that help you look flawless. Professionals apply lashes, tint brows, tweeze, and handle other aesthetic services behind trained hands and informed minds, important qualities for such services.

Experience Speaks for Itself

Professional aestheticians have provided eyelash and brow services to dozens or hundreds of people during their careers. This experience gives creates confidence that allows them to easily and flawlessly execute your desired services. Far too many DIY jobs end in frustration when achy hands or unexpected results abruptly end the job.

True, anyone can install eyelash extensions or tint eyebrows, although the differences between professional and DIY can easily be seen by others. There is a reason why professionals offer their services: completing this work may not always be as easy as it looks. It takes patience to properly install eyelashes and provide brow services. Not everyone has the patience that is needed to complete this service.

Asethetic professionals gain valuable industry knowledge along with experience. This means they have information that can ease your mind and provide answers to all of your questions. When you go in for an appointment, you can do so with complete confidence that it is what you want. The knowledge is not there when you opt for DIY service. The only knowledge available during DIY service is that found on the box of the product and information pulled from a few google searches. This information may not be as reliable as you expect, depending on the sources used to gather information. This can make any procedure risky.

Longer-Lasting Results

DIY kits sold at beauty supply stores cost less than professionals service, but as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. You can see and feel the difference between professional and DIY work. Others can also see the difference in the results. The extra money is well-spent based on the flawless results alone, but you can also ensure that you’re spending your money on a worthwhile service since the results last longer.

Besides, the price difference between DIY kits and professional service is nominal. Factor in the money spent on quick fixes and new installs and professional brow and lash service may actually save a few dollars. It makes sense to entrust professionals to complete services when it saves time and money and provides superior results.

While those false eyelashes from the beauty supply store may look nice for a couple of weeks, professional extensions may offer several weeks or longer of beautification.

When great results that stick around are important to you, book an appointment with a professional!

Salon Services Provide Exhilarating and Empowering Experiences

Encouraging, empowering words may not be expected from your aesthetic professional but should be. When you walk inside the salon, you’re in for a real treat. Not only do aestheticians want you to look your best, but they also want you to feel your best, too. Throughout your appointment, expect to hear how well you rock those lashes and other self-esteem-boosting compliments. It’s just one way to boost your lash or brow appointment!

That kind of encouragement doesn’t come along every day and certainly is missed by those who opt to DIY. It’s all about you during a lash or brow appointment with professionals who understand your needs. That’s an experience you dont want to miss.

Quality Equipment & Cutting-Edge Technology

Sitting in a comfortable facility with medical-grade equipment and cutting-edge technology surrounding you is comforting. It is easy to relax, unwind, and know that you are in good hands. It is easy to feel confident in the services you’re about to receive and the prestigious results.

The equipment inside an esthetics facility is cleaner and safer than most items used during DIY procedures. All equipment and tools have been properly cleaned and sterilized, and some replaced after each use. They’re in the hands of professionals who follow safety protocols and procedures, further ensuring their safety and cleanliness.

Additional Aesthetics Services Available

Brow and lash services are two of many offered by an aesthetics salon like Beauty Refined. When you want to look and feel your best, the menu of available services makes that possible.

Choose from services that help you fight the signs of aging, permanently remove hair from your body, or other non-invasive services that help define your flawless look. If you have multiple needs, you can arrange for multiple services. All of the services are safe, non-invasive, and do not require any downtime. It is truly that easy to look your best.

Need a little Botox to wipe away those forehead wrinkles? Heard great things about the rejuvenating effects offered by facials? You’ll find these and other services available at the aesthetics salon.

You can ask questions and get additional information about services of interest, and may schedule an appointment for services. It is great to talk to an expert about the services that you want and get actual, factual information.